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Foresight Augmented Reality

For the Visually Impaired and Blind while empowering businesses with Proximity Marketing

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What We Do

Foresight Augmented Reality (FAR) brings a voice to the physical world for those who are blind or visually impaired. We do this by creating Smart Cities using the combination of our FAR Vision Smartphone app, Bluetooth beacons, and our backend systems.

The FAR solution is like nothing else on the market. It provides a life changing service for the blind and visually impaired community and an innovative marketing opportunity for businesses. By providing solutions that give business customers higher ROI, more establishments will become FAR Accessible and in return provide greater support for the blind and visually impaired. This creative combination of social responsibility and revenue generation sets FAR apart from any others.

Our Products

With our expertise in beacon technology, we have an ever increasing range of products and services to build the next generation of Smart Cities

FAR Business

Open your business to the underserved 7.3 million visually impaired shoppers in the USA. FAR Business utilizes low cost FAR Business beacons to achieve compliance beyond ADA reducing the risk of lawsuits while bringing in more clientele. As an added benefit, FAR Business beacons also utilize Proximity Marketing technology to send messages to nearby cell phones to bring in patrons that are already in the vicinity of your business.

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FAR Personal

Visually impaired and blind individuals can purchase their own FAR Personal beacons for use in locations that are not FAR Accessible. FAR Personal beacons can be used for marking locations to ease finding them at a later time. Great uses include hotel room doors, dinner tables, lounge chairs, or even mark locations around your house. The uses are endless.

Learn More

Sponsor a Business

Do you know of a business that would be a perfect FAR accessible location? Provide us some information and we'll follow up with the business about how to get started!

Sponsor a Business

Thanks! We'll be in contact soon!

FAR Locations

We're excited about our growing list of FAR Communities. There are currently FAR Accessible locations in six US States (CA, CO, GA, MI, NC, TX) and Washington DC, as well as London and Liverpool, England.

Please check the Nearby feature in the FAR Vision app for the locations nearest you!

In the News

Get the latest news and media coverage along with new product and event announcements.

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See It in Action

Learn more about how the FAR Vision app enables greater independence for the blind and visually impaired.

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FAR at your Business

Installing FAR beacons is simple and makes your business a leader in proximity marketing while helping those with visual impairments lead a more independent and full life.

Join Now

Get the FAR Vision mobile app for the blind and visually impaired on your Android or iPhone. FAR Vision helps bring greater independence by providing easy to access content at FAR Accessible locations.

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Quite Operational

by Monomer

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graycase Excellent chiptune/synthwave sound that would cyberize the way to Labyrinth. Monomer is in a league of his own and i'm very happy i found him 8) Favorite track: Quite Operational.
A tale of transhumanism - the only logical union of body and machine, and beyond - told through the fusion of two classic langurages of electronic music: synths and chiptunes. Pounding beats, ethereal, lyricsal ambients, whimsical melodies, some intriguing track titles -- and a lo-fi sampled evil laughter. What more can you ask for? If your human body is hungry for more, though, also pick up Labyrinth, Monomer's next album. Favorite track: Better Living Through Dysgenics.
Dane Hunter
Dane Hunter This song Deletion...such an awesome tune that has emotion woven right into it. I am curious, would it be too much to ask for a remix of this song that is more like the slower first half? that first half of the song is downright sick! it's just once the song changes tempo, the whole attitude of the piece changes. If it's possible, that would be too sick!
Michael Usry
Curtis Riley
Kriztoffer Swank
Michael DeMinico
Jennifer Pennington
Derek Tarnawa
Der Brecher
Admiral Potato
Henrik Hjelle
Egil Töllner
Jalen Krupa
Flex Mundo
Samuel May
Andrew King
Caleb Hornstine
El Baiken
Brad Loudon
Alfonso Elenes
Christopher Kincaid
Clive at Five
aimee fredericks
Ramie Chaouk
Nick Hayes
Josiah Dolowy
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Release by Ubiktune ( ) Quite Operational is the result of a fascination with the sound and aesthetic of 80s electronic music and science fiction, combined with a healthy love of chipmusic and old video game sounds. While not written with a tracker or on a Gameboy, it was a personal exercise in setting my own limitations and sound palette and seeing where I could go; what imagery I could evoke and where I could take the listener. Above all else, it was an attempt to write something exciting that sounds distinctly my own. It was a freaking blast to create, and I hope you all enjoy taking this trip as much as I did writing it. Cheers!
released April 18, 2013 Big thanks to Ubiktune for welcoming me into their catalog, as well as my many friends and family who gave me feedback and encouragement. All tracks are written and produced by Gavin Allen. Album art by Rufus Blacklock ( )
all rights reserved


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Monomer Seattle, Washington

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